What is it?

A cataract develops when the lens inside the eye becomes cloudy. With an increasing incidence with age, these lens opacities can cause blurriness, glare, difficulty with driving or reading in one or both eyes.
How is it treated?

When the symptoms become unacceptable, a day surgery procedure (Phacoemulsification or Laser-assisted Cataract Surgery) typically under local anaesthetics is the most effective treatment for removing the cataractous lens and replacing it with a permanent artificial lens implant (Intraocular lens). Being the most common surgery performed, it takes typically around 10 minutes with a high success rate.
Our surgeons would be able to discuss the risks and benefits of this in more details with you during the consultation, including the option of laser assisted cataract surgery and the range of monofocal, toric and multifocal intraocular lenses to be tailored to your individual needs.
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